Welcome to the fascinating world of Christian Sedelmayer , where the humanistic visual culture of an old world comes to life. My passionate research into old motifs from art history always brings new and exciting discoveries.

The motifs for THE CHRISTIAN range from the Renaissance to antiquity and come from old copperplate engravings, woodcuts and even accidentally found photos from the 20th century. In the colorful hand-printed serigraphs (screen prints), world-famous paintings are quoted, exciting excavations are presented and even modern motifs are freely fused together. Family portraits are also photographed for The Christian editions and then processed into works of art.

The original works are printed in impressively large formats in the Munich studio, which poses the highest technical challenges. The printing process is by no means mechanical: Each screen print original is elaborately produced by hand and is therefore unique, like a painting.

What exactly is screen printing?

Parts of the motif are transferred to several screens (fine-mesh sieves) in order to then print colors through them onto the paper - a fascinating printing process. Only after several layers of paint do the colors shine in their full glory! Similar to the Old Masters, who painted their paintings in layers to achieve intense color effects, we use this technique to make our works of art shine.


While looking at old books, I discovered fascinating old typography and spent a long time looking for a creative use. One day we came across an old Bible with a special script. From this came the WORDS - old slogans that are reminiscent of the sayings of our great-grandmothers. Colorful and laminated behind plexiglass, they put you in a good mood and serve the same purpose as they once did: to encourage us in everyday life!


We invite you to discover the art treasures of bygone eras at THE CHRISTIAN and be inspired by the radiance of our craftsmanship excellence.

Enjoy yourself and immerse yourself in the world of PICTURES and WORDS !

  • "Kleiner Forscher" in Kinderzimmer - THE CHRISTIAN


    Handcrafted, signed and numbered works in small editions.


    Beautiful nostalgic saying pictures for the kitchen and anywhere else that will put you in a good mood!

  • Katze & Samurai (jade) - Original - THE CHRISTIAN


    Handcrafted unique pieces in intense colors and patterns.


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