Collection: MOTIFS



Welcome to our art gallery! We adore historical treasures from the great European art collections. 

Discover our exclusive art collection named HISTORY goes POP that interprets famous and completely unknown motifs from the Italian & German Renaissance and French Baroque and Empire up to the late 19th century. Each piece in our collection powerfully represents its historical period.

Our collection includes world-famous and unique finds from the great European art collections. For the USA and Canada we carefully selected the most important pieces of our collection.

Add some historical elegance and a creative touch of history to your living and work spaces!  Our exclusive and high-quality Giclee print editions allow only a maximum of 10 pieces per motif, all produced signed & numbered by the artist Christian Sedelmayer. 

Enjoy Christian´s new and surprising colors!


Delivery time: every reproduction will be especially produced for you in the USA and comes to your house in 7-10 days. 

(find out more about Christian´s inspiration here!)